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Buying Guide for Cultivators and Tillers

Whether you need to break up a lawn or prepare a garden patch for sowing, Husqvarna has a cultivator or tiller for you. Husqvarna’s range comprises two different types of cultivators: rear-tine and front-tine.

Rear-tine models are designed for use on densely packed earth and lawns. With powered wheels and counter-rotating tines these machines break up soil very effectively.

Front-tine cultivators are suitable for smaller landscaping work, such as preparing flower beds and garden patches. These cultivators are driven by the tines and are available with working widths from 6 in. to 18.5 in. These models are perfect for tighter garden spaces and can also be fitted with accessories for various garden tasks.

Things to keep in mind when buying a cultivator or tiller:

  • For large and open areas a rear-tine counter-rotating cultivator is the most suitable.

  • For versatile garden tasks you might consider buying a front-tine cultivator with accessories for dethatching, edging, aerating and plowing.

  • For optimum versatility choose a tiller equipped to both counter rotate for tilling and forward rotate for cultivating.